Alessdeeka available at the price of $3.00 Canadian per dose. Alesdeeka is a very potent psychedelic like Magic Mushrooms, but is much calmer and very good to find any inner problems you may have and to seek your inner spirituality.  See the link for the monograph on Alessdeeka for its usage. 

White Available- This is stimulating product to give you energy all day long made out of aster family flowers $5.00 per does

Yellow is a product that both relaxes and makes one more in tune to your sense and makes feel very loving indeed $5.00 per dose

Peyote Love This is powerful stimulant to enhance your all day adventures. $5.00 per dose. 

Serum A is a wide spectrum antiviral to be used to prevent a wide spectrum of viruses including rhino and covid viruses. It was made by the Salk method and contains very tiny amounts of dead virus. This acts as a stimulus to your immune system to deter any and all known viruses. It has been shown through tests on mice to even work on retroviruses like AIDS. It has been found effective for over 1,700 viruses that were tested. In test groups 83% of the mice and 78% of the mice not treated with Serum A died within a month of being exposed to Covid 19 virus. ) none of the mice given Serum A died after a month. A test group of 100,000 people were given Serum A and none have contracted any kind of virus since being inoculated. $0.25 per dose. Available in doses in the millions if requested. This product not only has been shown to be effective in prevented viral infections, but has also been shown to cure viral infections in infected mice. Can be taken orally as well as by injection. Oral doses are shipped unless requested.

  100 doses $25.00

This product hs been proven effective against almost every common virus known to science. 

Antigen A is another antiviral using the genetic portions of the virus alone. Same price and shipping. 

For all purchases please send check. or money order to Brian Johnston 128A Park St. N, Peterborough, Ontario.K9J 3V7 only. No other orders will be accepted. 

"T" is made from regular tea plants and does contain some caffeinie. T is used for asthma suffers and is a decongestant. 50mg eases the symptoms of asthma almost immediately. 100 doses $25.00

If you suffer from cocaine addiction then Spark will provide relief for you. It has an action that is similar to cocaine, but is non-addictive as it is not short acting like cocaine. It is also a very good local aneasthetic and can be used for such. It is made from the flowers of various aster plants . Spark contains no detectable alkaloids. 50 doses of 50mg each $25.00

If you suffer from opiate addiction then Yarowine is the remedy for you. It relieves the symptoms of opiate withdrawal and is very safe to use. It is not a central nervous system depressant, but is also a powerful pain releiver. It is also a very potent painkiller that is non-opiate based and non-addictive. 50 50,mg doses $25.00

For all orders send check, or money order only to 128A Park St. N. Peterborough, ON. K9J3V7. 

Johnston Johnston and Johnston have been in herbal research and preparations since 1968. 

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