Boxers and Politicians and Planetary Aspects.


Brian Thomas Johnston

I have been publishing positive results for planetary aspects now for almost 20 years and yet the astrologers, scientists and popular press still pretend that there is no science to astrology and that it is a pseudoscience. Of course even the word pseudoscience, which should never have really been invented as it is an offense to true knowledge and learning, was invented to describe Freud’s psychoanalysis. During over forty years of research I tested every facet imaginable in astrology. The signs, houses, nodes, asteroids, etc. During all of this testing I found that the most reliable feature to analyse in astrology are the aspects. I also tested all different aspect systems through a process of falsification and found that the only system that had positive responses were the traditional aspects. However, after further testing using falsification it was found that all of the angles divisible by 15 were active aspects.

To test whether the planets perform as astrologers have stated that they do I have undertaken numerous tests and have found positive results on every occasion. For the present study I used the Astro-databank to find the candidates for the tests. The hypothesis was that Mars would dominate as the planet whose aspect was the closest in orb, that is the most perfect angle between two planets for Boxers and Jupiter for politicians. These are the traditional rulers of these profession respectively.

The results were very impressive. The first 33 candidates for both categories were selected by searching for Boxer and then Politician on the Astro-Databank site at For boxers it was found that 16 out of 33 had Mars as the dominant planet. For Politicians 17 out of 33 had Jupiter as the dominant planet. The expected number is 3.3 in both cases. The probability for this happening by chance is billions to one odds against chance.

Astrology has been a proven science now for almost two decades, but no matter how many times I publish my results no one seems to listen, or care. Astrologers continue with their erroneous methods and the rest of world calls them frauds. The planetary aspects all work pretty much the same. There is not much real difference between a ‘trine’ and a ‘square’ that is all just Greek logic which does not work. The planets work as traditions say they do as do the signs. There is no evidence Hindu, or any other astrology works, although they have not been tested in a rigorous manner. I use science to prove astrology again and again and again and again and I still get the same old story. Opposition from astrologers who say that the numbers are too good, because they did not make the discoveries themselves and the scientists are really no longer scientists but rather professional students who prop each other up with grants by approving each other’s flawed hypotheses.

At any rate astrology has been proven for the hundredth time again and here are the results. Now you can all go back to sleep and dream of world where astrology is a deck of Tarot Cards in the Sky, or does not exist at all because it offends your sensibilities.

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